MBA Essay Tips and Tricks to Ensure Admission in Ross School of Business

Getting into any business school is always tough and challenging because you need to prove your academic capabilities while giving the admissions officers a glimpse into your life and your personality. Admissions committee members always look at essays to determine and verify the leadership capabilities and skills of applicants. If you are thinking of getting an MBA from the Ross School of Business, you need to make sure that you deliver your thoughts effectively and compellingly, in a manner that will prove your worthiness to be accepted. Here are some MBA essay tips and tricks to ensure your admission in the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business.

Keep it real
Soojin Kwon, the director of financial aid and admissions at the University Of Michigan Ross School Of Business, recently revealed a few tips for interested MBA candidates. When asked what they are most proud of, applicants are expected to present an authentic story instead of sharing something that they think is impressive. This is because the ‚why‘ is more crucial than the ‚what.‘ If you want to answer that essay question effectively, be real. The answer should be something you are likely to share with a friend instead of some stranger from the admissions committee.

Express your post-MBA goals
The second question in the Ross School of Business MBA application essay asks about your desired career path and why you chose it. It is considered the heart and soul of your application. Be sure to share your post-MBA goal in terms of industry, geography, location, and functions. Demonstrate what inspires you to accomplish that goal and why it resonates with you. You do not have to be dramatic or elaborate with your answer. Remember to keep it real and convincing.

Your resume is important, too
If you are mentioning certain accomplishments, make sure that they are consistent with what is written on your resume. The admissions team will pay a lot of attention to the MBA resume and may compare it side by side with your essay.

Work with an MBA essay consultant
Getting advice from a seasoned MBA essay consultant may improve your chances of getting admitted into the Ross School of Business. Work with proven MBA admission and English editing experts with an excellent track record of helping aspiring MBA students like yourself get into the most prestigious and globally recognized business schools in the US.
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