Ranok Initiative was formed in 2022 in a response to humanitarian crisis caused by needless and criminal war and subsequent destruction of lives of many Ukrainian citizens who suffer daily as of this day.  Many had no other choice than to leave the country, seeing their homes destroyed, or their hometowns occupied.  Some left with lifetime emotional scars, witnessing friends, relatives, neighbors being killed.

Refugees were given temporary humanitarian status in neighboring Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries. Few took advantage of the humanitarian parole programs by either United States or Canada.

A typical path of the US or Canadian parole recipient involves travelling to Poland and spending some time there, while applying for a program and waiting for a humanitarian visa.

Two of the founders Ranok Initiative travelled to Poland in June of 2022, and volunteered with the Polish NGO “Pathfinders for Ukraine” that helps arriving refugees with food, shelter and with general information.  We (as citizens of the United states with Ukrainian roots) felt obligated to help our brothers and sisters with emotional support, and at times, with financial aid.  Some tragic stories seemed too real, and at the same time, too unreal; as genocide and killing of civilians should not happen in the year of 2022.

Upon return to Philadelphia, we discussed few gaps in a process how assistance is provided, and discussed how we can help “Pathfinders for Ukraine” to cover areas where that organization may not be best equipped.

As a result, we formed a non-profit organization and our aim is collaboration with volunteers in Poland to cover the information desk at the Warsaw Central train station, where refugees come with variety of questions, including questions about the United States and Canada humanitarian programs.

As we were in the process of organizing Ranok Initiative as Pennsylvania non-profit organization, we learnt that the information desk coverage is un-even, and on some days, only one person from Poland can volunteer by taking questions and solving problems.  This is when we realized that presence on the ground of someone from the United States will be helpful.

Three volunteers from Philadelphia and New York are traveling to Warsaw between mid-September and end of November to work together with the NGO from Poland.

Ranok Initiative pays for travel expenses of our volunteers and provides financial assistance to families in the US who entered under the humanitarian parole.

The most recent news indicate likelihood that number of refugees will increase in upcoming months, as the criminal regime in Russia systematically destroys critical civil infrastructure of the Ukraine, its economy and homes of Ukrainian people.  

Our organization can not exist without your support.

Many thanks in advance from Ranok Initiative for your donation.